Driver was outstanding.  He took great care of my daughter and

niece.  They had a great experience.  Thank You very much



Moore's Carriage Service‚Äč

~~My name is Nick Moore, and my wife Veronica and I started our carriage business in October 2013. I have been in the horse business my whole life and have a lot of experience. My dad put me on my first horse when I was four years old and I broke my first horse when I was eight. I helped my parents pay for their first home by breaking horses for the public. I have done everything from breaking, training, rodeos, racing, ponying, and now the carriage.   Join us on an adventure and make some memories.  

Our driver was wonderful!  My family had a great time.  Thank you!

Cinderella Carriage:  Replicating

the famous Disney Carriage.  Ours

is white with pink trim and seats. 

At night is lit up with pink hearts

(also can change pink to other

colors), white lights and wheels.