Cinderella Carriage:

Replicating the famous

Disney Carriage.  Ours

is white with pink trim and seats.  At night is

lit up with pink hearts,

white lights and wheels.

Vis-à-vis Carriage:

French phrase means

"face to face"   Ours

is white with red seats

and lit up at night with

multi-colored lights.

Bonnet can be up/down.

Moore's Carriage Service​


~~My name is Nick Moore, and my wife Veronica and I started our carriage business in October 2013. I have been in the horse business my whole life and have a lot of experience. My dad put me on my first horse when I was four years old and I broke my first horse when I was eight. I helped my parents pay for their first home by breaking horses for the public. I have done everything from breaking, training, rodeos, racing, ponying, and now the carriage.  Join us on an adventure and make some memories.